Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Awaiting Results

Well yesterday was my big SCAN day, drink barium, sit for 45 minutes waiting for it to bull doze through your Colon and then lay on a cold table while they inject Radioactive dye throughout your veins.  Sounds fun?  Well as much as I dislike scans, I also love them?  I love the updates on my health and I hate the after affects of Barium, YUCK.  Colon Cancer takes your Colon, well 1/2 of it anyway and then expects you to drink liquid plumber every  4 months or so just to make sure your Cancer is not back Raging through your body.  You see the relationship here: Love/Hate?
Tomorrow is a visit with my oncologist (who I always Love) She is absolutely a wonderful person/physician and if you all could meet her you would agree. She has never given me false hope/ or false encouragement.  She is honest/ caring/ compassionate and I could go on and on. Maybe I will in another Post.
I will definately update with results tomorrow.  I also need to disclose that I love my CT guy. We have had many scans together over the last 4 years, he said my liver looks Great. Well that is great with me.


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