Monday, September 28, 2009

Great start to the Morning

So What is Wrong With this great smelling, great tasting, Cup of Dunkin Donut Coffee with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Creamer? Absolutely Nothing, except it does have alot of sugar and well we all know that Cancer Loves Sugar, so i have resorted to starting my mornings with this instead:

2 Shots and I am good to go. Did I ever think I would drink this first thing in the AM?
However, when they tell you there is a spot in your Liver, that is probably Cancer, and it happens not to be a reoccurance of the cancer you just battled, well then you have great friends who do great research for you, because you cannot see through the tears in your eyes to read the words on the computer. Or even say the words Cancer or Liver. And then get up the nerve to tell your 3 precious children that Mommy has cancer, AGAIN.
So Hence, Wheatgrass Juice/Shots as i call them are very cleansing to the liver, and since I believe God has surrounded me with the best friends, even better than I deserve, I believe God allows them to guide you through some hazy times.
What the heck? Wheatgrass actually does not taste to bad, reminds me of the fresh smell of cut grass in the morning. And I am thankful for all the Mornings God is giving me. Including today.
Hopefully we will be able to put a date on my surgery this week. The Liver Surgeon,
who happens to be way smarter than anyone i Know (sorry guys), but hey if someone is going to take out 1/2 of your liver, would'nt you want him to be the smartest person you know, unless you are having brain surgery I guess, then, well you may want that surgeon to be smarter.HA.

My preliminary surgery date is Oct. 5th or 6th. Waiting for approval, I am sure from insurance.

Thanks for all the prayers, cards, and gifts. Your love and prayers are so important.

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