Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Haircuts and Harvest

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Flowering Mum in you Life? And it is huge. Two of my dear friends deliver pumpkins and huge gourds from their farm in Tennessee every year and this year I have been lucky enough to receive these beautiful flowers, too. I am preparing our house for "The Harvest season, with a little fun Halloween stuff too" so that while I am in the hospital the kids can get still feel like Fall is in the air.
A great day today with the Fall air all around us, and thought I would show off my new haircut. I have a very talented family and they own an amazing studio ( I always feel like a million bucks when I leave there. What a transformation they make with my hair.
I am officially scheduled for my big Liver Resection on Monday Oct. 5th at Piedmont Hospital.
Surgery should start and 10:00 and should be a couple of hours. I am anticipating being there 3-5 days. And then home to my loving family. Several of you have asked if we are accepting visitors, and the answer is YES. We love company, but I cannot be held responsible for anything I say while on Pain Medication. So what is said on Pain Meds, stays at the hospital, got it?

With much Love,


Todd and Ellen said...


At the end of our weekly service, this is the prayer that is sung at APC:

Isaiah 12:2-6

"Surely, it is God who saves me;
I will trust in Him and not be afraid.
For the Lord is my stronghold and my sure defense,
And he will be my Savior."

This verse has become a steadying part of each day for me. I hope it might help bring strength to you and your family.

We send you our love and prayers.

Michele said...

Love the haircut! And the flowers! And the pumpkin! And you! We are praying.

cleare said...

We love your Fall decorations around your house. They remind us to think happy thoughts when we drive by. All of our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow!

Kristin and Bill

Becca said...

i love you, you fabulous atlanta housewife you!
if i could manage it, i'll be beating down your door after leaving SF with i'm sure a big ol' box full o Mark's goodies to soak up any excess pain meds...
thinking of you all night and all through the day tomorrow. Hope you can update us all soon!

David said...

I found your blog through a High School friend and never knew about the struggles you have been going through. It sounds like with or without the cancer you have everything a person could want.

As we get older, you look at your life and take inventory. It serves as a way to understand the decisions you make and find out about who you really are...

Well, the way I see it. You are one the strongest people I have ever known surrounded by the best family and friends that anybody could ask for!

PS.. If you remember anything about me, I don't pray much. But, I find myself praying for you!

Laurie and Travis said...

Suzie, it was so good to see you at Dr. Reddy's office last week. Thanks for coming to visit while I had my infusion. We sure do like to cause puzzles for our doctors, don't we? Well, you get yours straightened out today and then back on to living your wonderful life! Travis and I both are praying for you.
Love you,