Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wipe Out colorectal cancer awareness, coming soon.......

March is the month for colorectal cancer awareness.  I am giving you a preview of some out-of the box things I will be doing in March.  First of all I may just wear this shirt every day

 Washing it may be an option, Just kidding.

And These boxers, well I may dare myself to wear them out in public, but will definately be sporting them in my home, well because i Can.  That little blue star is the awareness symbol for colorectal cancer.

And this toilet paper below, you may have to keep me out of your trees as I toilet paper them to let you know that colorectal awareness month is upon us.

Please join me in March as I raise awareness!



Michele said...

Love the logo! I need to buy something to wear in March!

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

I love what you are doing spread to spread the message on colorectal awareness.

My mom died of colon cancer 33 years ago ...long before they had the medical technology they have today... She was only 47. Cancer it is never far from my mind. Last year I started what I hope to be yearly post...I call them "Bum Plugs" in an attempt to spread the word on the importance of early colon screening.I would love it if you could stop over for a visit at "Getting Back To Basics" and grab my "Live Your Life...Get Tested!" badge from my sidebar and add it to yours with a link to my post:


My second "Bum Plug" will be posted on April 29th.

Please help me spread awareness.