Thursday, February 25, 2010

March is Almost Here

A great day here in my city, Sun is shining and giving hints of Spring being right around the corner.  I am having the time of my life, living and loving my family.  I have found myself amazed at how my prayers have been answered, and feeling as if I truly do not deserve what I have been blessed with.  Not material things, just friendships, opportunites etc....

A short explanation of what I mean.  When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer at 37 years old, first I was shocked, then I knew I had to do whatever I had to do to survive, I mean I had a husband and 3 young kids, Who was going to take care of them?  Well many of you know that cancer is a down right ugly, nasty, rotten disease. In fact many of us have been affected in some way by cancer, either a family member, friend, or  neighbor and have watched this devestating disease take hold of families and just cause so much emotional and physical pain.
 I have to say to survive cancer is to have gone on a very long journey that you never planned for, prayed for, prepared for, paid for, or desired to go on.  But when the journey comes along and you are battling the unplanned, paying for things you don't even want,  praying hour by hour to make the nausea, pain etc... go away, you ride along and hold your head up to look for the light at the end.   It is hard to see the light many days and sometimes it doesn't appear for weeks.  With all that being said I am living in that light now and want to encourage all of you to fight like hell, look for the light and enjoy it when it arrives.

March is almost here, it is colorectal cancer awareness month, I am going to raise awareness, and fight like hell to continue to live in the light, and fight hard for so many who are trying to get there.  I am so excited as I am going to Visit CoCo in Indiana in March, she is our Giant 40 foot long, Colon that travels around the US to help Raise awareness.

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