Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats 40 feet long and 4 feet Tall?

                                             Suzie and Jacke (MOM) with CoCo

I had a wonderful trip to Indiana last week and met CoCo for the first time ever! LOVE HER!   I guess because I love colons and love to help raise awareness about the diseases that affect the colon.  I was so honored to meet two other young Colon Cancer survivors (one 29, and one 32), and the whole time, yep you guessed it I was thinking Cancer just Stinks.  But  I was also  very humbled by their beauty, grace and wonderful families they have to support them.  I also had the very wonderful pleasure of seeing my fellow Colondar model, Paula, who is off doing wonderful things in grad school, and I got to stay with the most amazing family!  Talk about a family who loves others, and gives back like crazy the Waller/Wilson clan.
Thank you Krista, Jim, Hadley and Harlee for everything.

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chaoticfamily said...

Lovely photo! Glad you had some fun. My Dad starts chemo this week - so we are very nervous. PICC line tomorrow, then Wednesday is our start day. So inspiring to see your story and how far you have come.