Monday, December 20, 2010

Life Is Better Than Good!

Well I have been celebrating life so much, I am so thankful for these folks and how they have helped me KICK ASS CANCER to the curb, as a matter of fact this is what we think of colon cancer:

Yep you are definately seeing us wearing our UNDY"S over our clothes as we ran the UNDY 5000 here in Atlanta, a great 5K to raise awareness for colon cancer and the importance of screening and early detection. These rear's are from Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Florida and ohhh we are missing the cutest fanny of all from California! But no doubt the celebration of a 10 year survivor and  a 5 year survivor has been the best year end gift for me.
And these two ladies?  You have no idea how much they mean to me.  On the left is my virtual Aunt Susan, she is a prayer warrior, let me tell you, supported me daily with her prayers and lifting up my healing to our Savior. And well the one on the right is my Mom, you have no idea how much love, support, etc.... that goes into supporting a family member, going through chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and trying to raise 3 kids and run a household.  And guess what they ran the 5K with all of us and finished!  It was such a relection of time for me, for each 1K that I walked,ran, etc... represented a year of healing and thankfulness.
LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, and Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Suzie you have been the most upbeat person and role model for anyone who has had any type of cancer. God has and will bless you double fold. Love you Aunt Cappy

kaney said...

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