Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am so glad to see the new year! 2011? I cannot even believe it is here as many of you probably feel the same.  So many great things to reflect on this past year. I  am so thankful for this past year and being able to reconnect with friends, spend time with family and be given the gift of a whole year of surviving.

Please do not forget to begin your year with the 2011 COLONDAR, it is beautiful and so inspiring as you will be greeted each month with a beautiful young colon cancer survivor and their courageous stories. You can click on the link at the upper right hand of my blog and get yours, you will not be disappointed as you read about all of my heroes.


chaoticfamily said...

Enjoy your 2011... My Dad is currently 13 months in remission - yay...

Terry McAlinden said...

What amazes me most about Cancer survivors is the ability to find illumination in the midst of darkness. Inspiration and creativity reign in fear and hopelessness. Your 'COLONDAR' is wonderful, the survivors inspiring and yes, I will be a survivor too!

Thank you