Monday, October 12, 2009


Where did my whole week go? It is hard for me to believe that exactly 1 week ago I was right in the middle of having my liver operated on. It is so good to be home, as the first couple of days were a little rough, but is getting better. First 24 hours of uncontrolled Nausea were awful, and then the ole get out of bed within 24 hours after surgery to walk.

I know many of you have heard, but I feel the need to continue to talk about our "MIRACLE". I can honestly say I have never truly prayed for a miracle, because I definately did not think I was deserving of one. I think my prayers have been geared for something specific like, keep me out of pain, etc. But with the help of my friends, who prayed with me, our family, and our church, we specifically asked for a MIRACLE, and as of today the Doctors/Surgeons/Oncologist/Radiologist have absolutely no words to describe what happened with my liver.

What we do Know is that before surgery they were 99% sure the tumor was cancer and almost 100% sure that I had a very sick, scarred liver. Well when surgery took place last week and the pathology came in we are in a complete speechless state. None of the above are true. All the the glory of God.

I will do a better job of updating, still a little blurry vision from the pain medication, and I will use some of this time to rest and recover.

With Much Love,


Laurie and Travis said...

Suzie, you know how happy I am for all of you. When I talked with Dr. Reddy before your surgery I told her that I bet they wouldn't find anything. She looked at me with relief and said that those were her feelings exactly!
Praise God!
Love you,

Michele said...

Praise the Lord!