Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SunShine and Stares

Sunshine can be the best medicine, as I have experienced the last few days. The sunshine is so not overrated. Trust me, the depression that can come with the overcast skies and rain and being stuck inside are the pits. Just being outside and seeing God's creation in all it's glory was just what I needed. Plus the fantastic meals ya'll have been bringing over, HA!

My Mom came to stay for a few days and we decided to get out and about to do a little TARGET therapy, and pick up some much needed cold weather clothes for the kids. How did they grow so much this year? Well after a short time a little fatigue hit me and we decided for me to drive an electric scooter around like this:
Can I tell you how many stares I got? It was actually hilarious, you can see the thought in everyones mind,(Poor thing, wonder what is wrong with her, etc.) It made me laugh and so that ended up being great therapy also. So today I learned that Sunshine and Stares can be great medicine for recovery from Liver surgery.

Maybe next time I ride in a motorized scooter, I can just hang a sign on the front that says "Want to see my scar? Just had some of my liver removed and guess what? I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!

Here is to many more days of sunshine and laughter,


Michele said...

I totally agree! So glad you are out and about.

cleare said...

Cool! Samantha used to ride around in those carts when she broke her leg. We had more fun with them. I'll see you next Tuesday with dinner. You look great!!!!