Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a simple Update

Sorry it has been a few days for an update, It means I have more energy to get up and about instead of just having my feet propped up, with a computer in my lap(HA). Just so you know that is not how it has been, but it sounds glamorous right? I do however want to thank so many of you for the uplifting cards you have sent. Some of my days have been most uplifted when I goto the mailbox and find a simple card with a sweet note written in them.

Here are just a few of my Pick Me Ups:

I think cards are just a great way to say hello, and I have heard on so many occasions when a person is having a down day, or feeling alone, a Card is really good for the Soul. So thanks, my soul has been filled as well as my days.

Talking about being full. I just have to share one more great thing, t I received from some very special friends. Can I tell you how amazing this is?

Yep a Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer

Not only is this sooo Healthy, you will never ever drink bottled juices again. Orange juice, Oh my oh my, and can I just tell you how easy it is. Take the peel off an orange, place the whole orange in and it seperates all the other stuff out, seeds and all. Add a little pineapple, sneek a beet or celery in to hide it from your kids, and Ha, good stuff for all.

Well Fall is finally here and the brisk weather is great outside with a nice little warm up in the afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, and Thanks again for all of your continued support.
With Much Love,

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Becca said...

thats funny, i now am the owner of TWO juicers (my lil cousin got really inspired a few months back by some movie he saw, that he spontaneously bought me a juicer and a book about some kinda diet and decided we would cure my cancer by that! he was so excited to be trying to help and i just didn't have the heart to tell him that i already had a now i have two)
But i barely EVER use em. I dont see it as being "so simple" heh, you gotta wash, cut, peel, or pit, and then the cleanup. ugh. just for one wittle cup of juice. i mean, i have good intentions. but stopping at the store and buying a juice is soooo much easier! hehehe, i know i know, baaadd cancer patient becca, bad bad bad.