Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Appointment?

Well who would have guessed I would be posting a picture of a Liver and (ssshhh Colon) on my Blog. Well I wish I could tell you this is a picture of me, on the inside of course. But let's see first you have to take all that colon out on your right, my left. Yep That's why I'm a semicolon. And then you see a little on top of the Colon is the Liver, well take out the smaller portion of that to your right, my Left. Oh and see the little green pea looking thing hanging out from under the liver, that is the gallbladder, also gone. (And just in case any of you are wondering, the wormy looking thing at the end of the Colon is the appendix, Which I am proud to still possess, HA!)

No I am not trying to take all of you back to Biology 101 Heck, I am just proving that God made our bodies so incredibly hearty and we can survive so much. I have been blessed, evidenced by this for sure.

All of this to say I saw my Liver specialists today and he was giving us a great idea of how the liver will work now that I miss some of it's parts, and guess what he said. God gave you more liver than you actually need or use so I should have no difficulties. And although we still need to follow and manage a small aspect of my liver, my portal vein, which you can see in the above picture, He does not think it is necessary to see me for a whole YEAR.

I know well big deal, well let me give you a hint: Only because I have been doing this cancer stuff for a while now, the more your Doctor wants to see you, the more concerned about you they are. So Since my next Liver Appointment is in October 2011, I think my doctor believes I will be just fine. And I know for sure, because God has given me the greatest peace of mind these last few days.

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Laurie and Travis said...

A whole year! That is absolutely amazing and wonderful! I know just how great you felt to hear those words. I am so relieved and happy for you. Continue taking the great care you do of yourself. Love you.