Sunday, November 8, 2009


Rebekah and I at UGA Game

Things seem to getting back to normal around here, Hooray for that. Jeff, Rebekah and I went to Athens yesterday to watch the Bulldawgs WIN, finally. We had a great time, the boys stayed home, because we only have 3 season tickets, and well when there is 5 of us it was Rebekahs turn. For many of you who do not know, Our Rebekah has Cerebral Palsy and just 2 1/2 years ago lost her hearing, she now has a cochlear implant, which we love, and she has adapted slowly but now is moving right along with her hearing. In the picture, she is listening to the play by play on the radio she is holding up to her ear while watching the game. She had so much fun,
and we enjoyed our time with her. As a matter of fact, she probably got along better than me.

Jeff and Rebekah at Halftime

Notice Jeff in Shorts, 70 degrees at Game, What a great day for His Birthday.

And Guess What else FALL is for, in the South anyway, Tennis. Yep, I am dustin her off and getting back on the Courts this week, I cannot wait. See there is life after Liver Resection, Family, Football, and Tennis. HA.

Have a great week, and enjoy.

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