Sunday, January 30, 2011

What next? After diagnosis,surgery,CHEMO?

Tattoo !
 I often talk to families, survivors, etc... about What Next? How do  I live after surgery, chemo, etc.....
There are so many things you can do!  Raise money for your favorite cancer organization so that others may not have to  go through what you have been through, one day hoping that the last penny you earned will be the one that finds the cure.....Surrounding yourself with great people who understand that living life to the fullest each and every day is truly the way to survive......Find others who have been diagnosed with the same cancer as you at the same age as you and fought the same battle as you and find out that you truly are not alone...... 
I am so blessed and happy to say that  I have accomplished all these listed above and I am so proud of the survivors that  continue to be a part of my family and have celebrated life not being inflicted by a terrible disease known as cancer and playing victim but by pulling up our pants and raising awareness of cancer in crazy out of the box ways. 
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Colon Cleansers said...

Every thing would be fine quickly. Because this type of thing occur common in the country. And after your treatment you would be right very fast. So no need to worry.

Steve Chamberlin said...

I remember your post from the Undy 5000. Actually, the first picture makes it rather memorable all by itself. Awesome! Running a 5K for cancer is definitely on my list of What Next. I have run several marathons in years past and I am determined to run again as a cancer survivor. So I'll start with a 5K. Your group sure did it with style!

Huntsman Cancer Institute, where I am being treated, has a program called Huntsman Heroes. I want to raise money at the 5K, Half and Full marathon levels. And the coolest part for me is that the annual Salt Lake City Marathon chose Huntsman as their charity. So I can work back up to the marathon distance and run a major local race that already supports them while raising additional money for cancer research.

I guess I am sharing this because at the moment a 5K is beyond my ability. Finding your blog and seeing what you are accomplishing five years out gives me hope. I want my energy back!

Thanks for continuing to reach out to others. You were well chosen as an example of living beyond colon cancer by the Colon Club. I love your spunk. If I have to have colorectal cancer I run with a pretty neat group of people.

Hua said...

Good to see that you're continuing to be a part of the community.


Bruce said...

I found your blog really great and motivating.

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Alternative cancer treatments are important in these kind of cases. I am hoping for your fast recovery.